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Lori Bercovicz, Grade 7 Counselor   lbercovicz@westfieldnjk12.org
Kim Lisnock, Grade 8 Counselor  klisnock@westfieldnjk12.org
Kerri Webster, Grade 6 Counselor    kwebster@westfieldnjk12.org
Kathy Noonan, Counseling Secretary    knoonan@westfieldnjk12.org
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At Edison Intermediate School we recognize that every student is a unique individual. Our approach to education is designed to meet the personal, social and academic needs of the whole child.
The emphasis of our counseling program is on maximizing the potential of all students through a comprehensive developmental approach. The approach is representative of the state of New Jersey's curricula and is based on the American School Counselors Association National Standards for School Counseling Programs. Both the State Board of Education and the New Jersey Department of Education support this Comprehensive Developmental Guidance Model as an integral component of the educational system and vital in preparing and assisting students to be successful learners.