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The Role of a School Counselor

1. Counselor: individual, group and crisis intervention
  • Individual Counseling: Parents, teachers, child study team staff and administrators may refer a student for individual counseling; also a student may self refer.
  • Group Counseling: These meetings may consist of activities and discussions aimed at such topics as: school adjustment; strengthening self-confidence; divorce/separation and restructured families; grief/bereavement; anger management; and improving peer relationships. 
2. Teacher: We teach developmental guidance lessons in the classroom. Lessons are derived from a written curriculum and focus on a variety of topics including: peer pressure; confilct resolution; career awareness; communication skills; and cyberbully prevention.
3. Consultant: We work with staff, parents, community resources and outside agencies.

4. Coordinator: Integrating school and community resources

5. Manager: Planning, implementing and evaluating the counseling program