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Educational excellence is an expression often repeated but perhaps not understood. An appropriate definition of education excellence is “helping each child achieve his or her full potential.” In a world where children have more choices, family structures are more diverse, schools are under fire, economies are shifting, and communities feel the stress of change from all segments of society, helping children achieve their potential is a monumental task.
Education today not only provides skill development in reading, writing and arithmetic, and the practical and fine arts, but the curriculum also includes instruction and counseling for the exploration and development of personal self-awareness and individual human potential.
The Counselors at Edison Intermediate School designed a program called TLRNC (tolerance). “Teens Learning Respect N’ Compassion”. This group is made up of diverse, influential eighth grade leaders who are trained by the counselors to support and promote a positive school social climate.
Research has shown a significant improvement in school climate and reduction in student HIB related behaviors when peers support peers.

The TLRNC peers will promote and teach respect and compassion at Edison School by facilitating many school-wide activities.

“Mix It Up Day” is a national campaign created by the Teaching Tolerance organization. It encourages students to identify, question and cross social boundaries. This program ends with a school–wide Mix It Up lunch in our cafeteria where students are asked to move out of their comfort zone and sit with someone new at lunch. Studies have shown that when students interact with those who are different from them, biases and misperceptions can fall away.

Our eighth grade TLRNC group, in conjunction with the counselors, will be reaching out across the three grade levels to help support our school wide activities and to reduce prejudice and middle school cliques. Through these programs TLRNC, (Teens Learning Respect N’ Compassion) will improve student climate which is an important part of improving student learning and achievement and enhancing educational excellence at Edison Intermediate School.