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Home Instruction

The Health Office at Westfield High School is the central location for delivery of instruction for students with a temporary or chronic health condition.
To submit a request for home instruction, please:
  • Notify the Health Office and your counselor at Edison regarding the child's health condition.
  • Request the district application for Bedside Instruction. It is available to print on the Health Office website under "forms."
  • Obtain written determination from the pupil's physician documenting the diagnosis and projected need for the pupil's confinement.
  • Submit the application form to the Health Office or your child's counselor at Edison. They will forward your form to WHS Health Office for approval and coordination of instructors.
Once the school physician verifies the need for home instruction, the services will begin in a timely manner.

When the student is well enough to return to school, the physician who recommended home instruction must give medical clearance to return to school.

If you have any further questions, please call Peggy Hunter at 789-4519.